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We are a community of Food for diseases researchers on a mission to help people with diseases.

Build a community that changes your world and build a world free of diseases

And commit to a new kind of community

It can be a lonely place being a person researching diseases alone for your loved ones. Pharmaceutical drugs have lot of harmful side effects Researching alone is very tough and it can affect your health adversely due to lack of sleep. In addition, it may take a long time to find the critical information that was needed few months or years ago.

Those closest to you think you’re crazy, particularly if you have ambitions to research foods to gain control over diseases. It is a rollercoaster ride that is full of self-doubt, procrastination and a lack of knowledge means that powerful healing powers of food never see the light of day.

Food for diseases - No drugs has been on a mission to change that. Our goal is help millions of people around the world to become free from seizures and epilepsy using food and live a life rich with purpose. Our mission is to show you how you can apply the healing powers of exercise, food and nature to keep body and brain healthy.

In our thriving, friendly communities you'll meet other researchers, parents, and people that are using different techniques to remain free from diseases. We will share our experiences and research with each other and make everyone's life a happy one and allow you to achieve success on your own terms.

Thanks for being a part of this.


  • Be the first to hear about latest researched meal plans for different kind of diseases
  • Be the first to hear about the latest researched information about different types of diseases
  • Group coaching with our founders
  • Virtual co-working sessions with likeminded peers
  • Get your food, and disease questions researched, and answered in our discussion forum
  • Access to a thriving peer-to-peer network of likeminded disease researchers

Don't just take our word for it


What to expect

Peer support

  • 💺 Group coaching calls where you can get direct feedback on your biggest challenge right now from the brilliant minds in this community
  • 🏃 Action Café – our weekly virtual co-working session where you can collaborate remotely with fellow members and figure out the challenges
  • 💡 Ideas Café – our monthly knowledge exchange in small, facilitated groups
  • 🔥 Themed campfire conversations with fellow members on key topics on different kinds of diseases.
  • 💼 Mentor hours where you can get book free time with any of our wonderful mentors



  • 🎓 Access to researched posts on different diseases, food, and different organs of human body – our step-by-step plans to help you identify issues and ways to solve them
  • 🎓 Online classes and mini courses – from basics of diseases to advanced forms of diseases.
  • 📘 Recommended reads & listens where we curate the top books on diseases and podcasts to help you in your fight against different kinds of diseases.
  • 📺 Live Q&As with our founder where you can get your questions answered


  • ▶️ Regular webinars with special guests and thought leaders
  • ✒️ Exclusive posts from our founders and mentors
  • 🎬 Exclusive videos including our archive of webinars

You get what you give

Real community comes from contribution 

“If we create networks with the sole intention of getting something, we won’t succeed. We can’t pursue the benefits of networks; the benefits ensue from sharing our knowledge and experience.”

Your tribe awaits

Learn from some amazing humans like you

You'll meet parents and people that you can trust and want to help in your fight against epilepsy.

Shared values
The people you'll meet in this community are a different breed. Where others see competition and self-interest, they see collaboration to solve disease issues.

Challenging questions
The right question can help in understanding individual challenges in diseases. We ask the crunchy questions that get you thinking deeper.

Conversations that matter
We firmly believe that vulnerability is the route to authentic connections, so we've created a safe space where we can sweat the big stuff on different kind of diseases.

Why struggle alone?

Ask for help and feel the power of our community

Find collaborators, peers & mentors that will help you succeed

Collaborate with peers to discover challenges in different diseases and find food solutions. Learn from mentors who have faced similar challenges that you are facing today.

New to Food for diseases - No drugs

It is not easy to stare at what looks like multiple massive problems and know where to begin. It is not easy to figure it yourself when you're in the midst of a storm. So, use the power of our community to map it out for you. 

Join us today!

Stop sifting through random, outdated information on Google and get what you need straight from people you can trust who’ve been there and are continually researching science backed information on different diseases, seizures, epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

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